Stormkit is able to build and deploy your application. Since we're powered by the tech giant AWS, all your deployments are secure and highly available. Static assets will be hosted on S3 buckets, which will then be served through our CDN. If you have server side logic, then your application will be powered by AWS Lambdas. This methodology brings a lot of advantages while keeping the drawbacks minimal.


1. Scalability

Lambdas scale infinitely very well. So all of a sudden, your application receives millions of unexpected requests, you should be covered because each concurrent request will spawn a new Lambda.

2. Immutable deployments

Each of your deployment will receive a unique endpoint which can be visited at any time until the deployment is deleted. This is extremely useful for testing new features or spotting bugs by checking the last working version.

3. Cost saving

Lambdas are extremely cost-friendly. This gives us the chance to build a lot of added value around your development experience and yet keep the costs low.

Points of concern

1. Cold starts

Lambdas are notorious for their cold starts. A cold start occurs when the Lambda function is no longer used for a given time of period and AWS decides to shut it down to save resources. Next time the function is called, AWS will take some time to spin it up. While this can be considered as a negative point, in reality, it is no different than auto-scaling applications. When those applications receive unexpected spikes, they spin up new machines. This also takes some time. With Lambdas, if you have constant traffic, you'll not experience cold starts that much. Also, bear in mind that the smaller your deployment size is, the faster will your lambda spin up and that Stormkit offers a way to keep your production deployments warm all the time. You can check out the features here. On the other hand, if you're using a static you don't have to worry about cold starts.

2. Long lived processes

Lambdas are designed to receive a request and respond to it synchronously. If you have a long lived process, such as websockets, Stormkit may not be the answer. In that case you can refer to other hosting providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku or DigitalOcean.

3. Deployment sizes

Lambdas have a hard limit on the deployment package size. Your deployment, zipped, should be less than 50MBs and unzipped less than 250MBs. Luckily, we never had a case where this was an issue.