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We help saving valuable time by providing serverless frontend infrastructures

Deploy production ready web applications within minutes. Global hosting, server side functionality, staged rollouts, auto https and more.

Stop managing your infrastructure

Connect your repo

Login with Github and Bitbucket to connect your repos and get started immediately.

Add a build config

Easily change the default config to support tons of frameworks. Even custom ones work.

Go live

You can easily deploy automatically on each push or with a single click. Auto publish is coming soon.

Hassle free a/b testing

Publish to % of users with a slider

Easily publish new versions to different percentage of users. You can publish more than 2 versions.

Get the variant ID

For each published version we provide a unique variant ID that can be used directly in javascript.

Analyze your experiment

Use the token available to analyze your experiments and understand which version converts better.

Feature flags, remote.

Do you have promotions that needs to be turned on by the marketing team? With Stormkit, it's easy. Simply use our UI to define your remote configuration and allow them to turn features on and off without needing any deploy. Everything is instant.
Using the combination of staged rollouts and feature flags allows you to execute powerful experiments and serve your user better. All comes built-in. No need to configure your app, or no additional pricing.
a/b testing

Built for scale

Stormkit is able to scale infinitely by relying on the tech giant AWS. Scaling out your frontend applications will never be a worry anymore.
It comes with built-in features for monitoring and logging so that you can focus only on building the tool, not the infrastructure.

Tailored for single page and hybrid applications

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