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We help saving valuable time by providing serverless frontend infrastructures

Deploy production ready web applications within minutes. Global hosting, server side functionality, staged rollouts, auto https and more.

Stop managing your infrastructure

Connect your repo

Login with Github and Bitbucket to connect your repos and get started immediately.

Add a build config

Easily change the default config to support tons of frameworks. Even custom ones work.

Go live

You can easily deploy with a single click. Auto deploy and publish are coming soon.

Develop your app peacefully with multiple environments

Manage multiple development environments easily and bind domains to your environments. Each environment can have a different configuration.

Deploy around the world with built-in continuous integration

Each deploy gets a unique endpoint which lets you test your application without publishing live. Then publishing a version is just a matter of clicks.

Modern frameworks require modern tools

Stormkit is designed to support every modern javascript application, be it static or dynamic. We provide tools with ♥️to solve the common problems.

Server side rendering with Stormkit

Add server side rendering
in just a few lines

SEO is gold. Help crawlers understand your web page better by implementing server-side-rendering for your dynamic web applications.
See this example in action.