Powerful infrastructure for modern javascript apps

Stormkit integrates perfectly with your git flow.
It builds, deploys and scales your javascript apps seamlessly.

  • perm_media

    Deployment previews

    Preview your deployments right from your pull/merge requests.
    $ git push
    Counting objects: 2, done
    Upload my-organisation/my-repo.git
    + 42788b4...a3ee24d master -> master
    Deployment completed
    Your commit has been built succesfully on Stormkit. You can click the following link to preview it.
  • settings_input_component

    Multiple environments

    Create as many development environments as required.
  • code

    Staged rollouts

    Release multiple deployments at the same time to a percentage of your users.
  • settings_remote

    Remote configuration

    Inject variables to your app. Changes are effective instantly - no need to rebuild.
  • code

    Inject snippets

    Manage 3rd party scripts right from the UI. Useful for marketing teams or PMs.

See what our customers say


Loved the user experience and built-in Nuxt.js support. Great experience so far, keep up the good work!



Prior to Stormkit we were managing our own Docker workflow. We have saved hundreds of hours per year after the migration.



I'm impressed how easy we made our custom setup work with Stormkit and improved our developer experience. Good job!


Stormkit is designed to work with these fantastic technologies

You can build, deploy and publish all these technologies and more - our system is designed to support any Node.js or JAMStack application.

People behind Stormkit

Savas Vedova Savas Vedova @savasvedova
Philip Wels Philip Wels @philipwels
Fred Esere Fred Esere @fredesere
Christoph Moesli Christoph Moesli @christoph-moesli

work Our mission

  • navigate_next Simplify and automate complex processes over the entire life cycle of a Javascript application.
  • navigate_next Make building & delivering applications a delightful experience.
  • navigate_next Encourage best practices.
  • navigate_next Build Stormkit together.
  • navigate_next We don't host applications that spread hatred or violence.

Why Stormkit?

visibility Our vision

  • Why?  We believe that developers should be able to focus on user problems instead of managing tools, services and infrastructure.
  • What? We automate your work infrastructure and provide a kit that includes state of the art best practices and features.
  • How?  We listen to our users.

When Stormkit?

Join us and let's build Stormkit together

Oh by the way, our community is chatting here.