Tracking user data using Stormkit and Plausible

Easily inject snippets into your application without deploying your application.


With the help of our Snippets functionality you can inject any code into your application without deploying it. This is very powerful as you can turn on and off integrations instantly.

Plausible and Stormkit

For the purpose of this blog post, we will be using Plausible as an example but this functionality can be used with any third party tool. Plausible is an open source analytic platform, you can either host it yourself or use their cloud offering. Let's get started by adding our endpoint to Plausible:


We're going to use as an example. After providing the endpoint to Plasuible, it will generate a script similar to the one below:


Now head to your App on Stormkit, select the Environment which the snippet will be injected and click on Snippets from the environment menu on the right side of the page.


Select add snippet and paste the code provided by Plausible.

Add snippet

Once you visit your web site you will notice in Plausible dashboard that visitor data is displayed.


In this example, we added analytic capabilities to our website without altering the source code. The snippets functionality allows us to enable or disable injected code without any deployment.

Hope you found this post useful!