Stormkit is a next-gen hosting and deployment tool for javascript applications. It helps you focus on your application by providing a solution for most common technical challenges, such as deployments, logs, hosting, scaling and tls certificates, and saving valuable time.

Getting Started

Stormkit integrates perfectly with your git flow. After your application is set, all you need to do to deploy is just to git push. To setup your application, sign in or sign up from app.stormkit.io. You can authenticate using your GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket account.

Why Stormkit?

There are several reasons why you would need a tool like Stormkit:

1. Improve developer experience

Developer experience matters. The more developers are happy from their workflow, the more productive they will be. Stormkit strives to perfectionize the deployment and application management workflow.

2. Focus on your application

For the reason mentioned above, developers tend to spend a lot of time on improving their workflow. Stormkit allows you to focus on your application rather than spending time on your infrastructure. Similar to low-code platforms, but for frontend infrastructure.

3. Added value

Stormkit offers very valuable features to Frontend developers, such as, Staged Rollouts, Remote Config and Snippets. Again, building these features for your workflow is possible however very time consuming.

4. Performance

It's our job to provide a powerful infrastructure that is highly scalable, performant and secure.

When Stormkit?

If you are:

  1. Spending a lot of time maintaining your frontend application's infrastructure
  2. Looking for an affordable way to scale your application
  3. Looking for a way to deliver as fast as possible
  4. In need of features like Staged Rollouts, Remote Configuration, Snippet Injections and so on
  5. Building a JAMStack or a Node.js server side rendered application
  6. Using a Headless CMS like StoryBlok and you're looking for compatible hosting solutions
Then you may want to use Stormkit. If you're using server side technologies other than Node.js such as Wordpress, Drupal or Magento then Stormkit is not suitable for you.


The landing page and documentation of Stormkit is open-source. We'd love to receive your contributions. If you're interested, please join us here. Stars are also welcome :)

Community chat

We're using Discord to engage with our community. Please join us here. You can submit feature requests, point out issues or just get to know us!