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You can configure your deployments by visiting Your App > Environments > Config page. This page is divided into different sections.


General settings
Environment name The name of the environment. Except the reserved name production, you can use any alphanumeric characters to name your environments. This setting is used purely to distinguish your environments in the User Interface.
Branch The default branch of this environment. Pick the best long-lived branch that represents this environment.
Auto publish When turned on, any successful auto deployment that is triggered by a commit to the default branch will be published automatically.
Auto deploy Use this setting to configure your auto deployments. You can either disable, enable auto deployment on all branches or use custom branches to specify which branches to auto deploy.
Auto deploy branches When Auto deploy is set to be Custom branches, you can use this field to configure which branches to deploy automatically. This field supports regexp matching.
Preview links When Auto deploy is turned on, Stormkit will leave the link of the deployment to the pull/merge request page. You can turn off this functionality by disabling this setting.
Build settings
Build command Use this setting to configure the build command. You can chain multiple commands with the logical and (&&) operator. This setting defaults to the build script in package.json (e.g. npm run build).
Output folder The folder that will be deployed. Visit How do we deploy to read more about this.
Build root The working directory relative to the Repository root. By default this is the top-level directory of the repository. The build command and output folder will be relative to this directory.
API Folder The relative path to the api folder where your serverless functions reside. This path is relative to the repository root and not the build root.
API path prefix Path prefix for API endpoints. Default is /api. Requests matching this prefix will be served from API functions.

The Serverless settings are used only for API functions. Read more about Writing API.

Headers file location The path to the custom headers file. Default location is _headers. This path is relative to the build root.
Redirects file location The path to the custom redirects file. Default location is redirects.json. This path is relative to the build root.
Overwrite redirects When turned on, you can specify redirect rules that will apply to all of your deployments instantly.

Environment Variables

The environment variables that will be injected during build time. These variables are also available for serverless functions runtime. Visit System Variables to see which variables are injected automatically.

Note: Variable names matching following regex will be obfuscated /secret|_key|password/i.

API Keys

Generate API Keys to interact with our API and modify this environment.