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To enable Stormkit to add custom headers to served files, follow these steps:

  • Introduce a file containing rules into your code base.
  • Include the file name in the build parameters.

Check out our YouTube video to see it in action.

Note: Custom headers are not applied to responses from functions.

Header rules are structured in multi-line blocks. Each block begins with a URL or URL pattern specifying where the rule's headers should take effect. Following this, a list of header names and their corresponding values is indented on the subsequent line.

  # This will be applied all file types
  X-Message: Hello World!

  # These will be applied only for Javascript files
  # Allow CORS for JS files.
  Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
  Access-Control-Allow-Headers: *
  Access-Control-Allow-Methods: *

You can always review the deployment manifest to understand how Stormkit builds your code. This allows you to easily see which headers are applied to which files.

Deployment manifest will show details