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Full stack Javascript apps. Deployed to the Cloud.

Effortlessly launch your full stack JavaScript applications within minutes and shift your focus to what matters most, your application itself. Leverage our powerful suite of tools to enhance your development process.

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Deploy Svelte apps
$ git push
Deployed as

Powerful Features

If you require customized features, reach out to us at or on Discord.

Deployment previews

Preview your deployments right from your pull/merge requests.

Web Analytics

Simple, privacy-friendly, automatic setup and powerful analytics for web teams

API routes

Manage your Node.js serverless API using file-system routing.

Staged rollouts

Release multiple deployments at the same time to a percentage of your users.

Snippet injections

Manage 3rd party scripts right from the UI. Useful for marketing teams or PMs.

Feature flags

Toggle features with a simple click.

Deployment complete
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Need a Self-Hosted solution?

We're here to help you setting up a Self-Hosted version on your infrastructure.

Leave your contact information and we will reach out to you.

Simple, predictable pricing

15 days free trial. No credit card required.

Monthly deployments

up to 100

Your price

$20 / mo

Unlimited Team Members

Snipped Injection


Feature Flag Management

Custom Storage

Runtime Logs

Custom Domains

Staged Rollouts

Deployment Previews

Unlimited projects

2.5m Serverless invocations

500GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Teams

30 days deployment retention

Discord / Email support
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Why Stormkit?

Stormkit is for teams seeking full control over their infrastructure, a predictable pricing model, freedom from vendor lock-in, and the capability to build and manage modern frontend stacks.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing model is transparent. We offer a few pricing tiers, with clear limits and no add-ons. All features are available to every tier.

Private Cloud

We offer support for integrating Stormkit into your Private Cloud. Experience the benefits of a modern stack while maintaining maximum control for your enterprise.

Personal Service

As a bootstrapped company, we prioritize your needs. If our standard pricing or features don't align with your requirements, we'll collaborate with you to achieve the desired outcome.

Custom storage

With Stormkit, users can effortlessly upload their code to various providers like Bunny CDN and AWS S3.

No Vendor Lock-In

Every feature in our offering is crafted with the explicit aim of ensuring users are not bound to any particular vendor or proprietary technology.

Strong Feature Set

Our platform is equipped with a powerful array of tools, ensuring that developers have everything they require to build, deploy, and scale applications seamlessly.

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